By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 17, 2015
Courtesy of Sizzl

How do you market to young people? It seems to be the question on every company’s mind. (Well, maybe not the company that makes Depend Diapers, but you know what I mean.) For Oscar Mayer, answering that question wasn’t too hard. They already had something that Internet-loving generation constantly obsesses about: bacon. Combine that with the other thing always on their mind—hooking up—and you’ve got a meat-friendly dating app that’s sure to lure in…someone, right?

Sizzl” promises to help you “find your bacon lover.” After grabbing the app, simply create a profile that stresses your love of pork, and then you’re just a few photo uploads away from swiping your way toward the little piggy of your dreams. You can even report users who don’t show enough respect for that sizzling goodness by submitting their name to Oscar Mayer through a “Doesn’t love bacon” button.

It’s a bit more than a simple gimmick, though. If you match with someone you can actually message them, meet up and get to know each other, presumably as some sort of all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

Sure, the whole thing is a bit ridiculous, but just as Tinder has become a great alternative to the bar scene, Sizzl probably sure beats hanging out at your local slaughterhouse every single night.