Credit: © Jaz Alexander

When you're married to an NBA superstar, it's not enough to just make food that tastes good. Meal time has to fuel prime time—like 26 points in a single quarter or knocking down more threes than anyone else in the NBA. We're of course talking about Golden State's Stephen Curry, and lucky for him, his wife, Ayesha, has game in the kitchen. She's behind food and lifestyle blog Little Lights of Mine, and she's the real chef Curry with the pot (a riff on a Drake's song). So now that March Madness is over, we can turn our attention to the NBA playoffs (games start April 18) and the team with the best record: Curry's Golden State. We caught up with Ayesha to chat about everything from making her own olive oil to her perfect food day.

1. What is Stephen's favorite dish that you make?

Stephen really loves classic, soul-warming food. My chicken Parmesan is one of his favorite dishes and the easiest for me to whip up!

2. Living in the Bay Area gives you access to so many great farmers' markets. Do you have a favorite?

I don't have a favorite farmers' market; I'm a nomad when it comes to them. Whatever part of the city I want to explore that day is usually the determining factor in the market I choose. We have a fantastic family-owned grocer in our town called Diablo Foods that I am always visiting. Local fish, fresh meat and hand-picked local produce. Doesn't get any better.

3. Why did you decide to make your own olive oil?

I wanted to create something to share with everyone that was true to my family and me. We go through olive oil like nobody's business. It just made sense. The olives are local Northern California Arbequina olives. It has a nice peppery and pungent flavor to it.

4. Describe your perfect food day.

My perfect food day would consist of the smoked salmon scramble at Chow in Lafayette for breakfast. I'd pair it with a lemon current scone and fresh-pressed juice. Lunch would be a mixture of both Boca Nova's quinoa salad and Bakesale Betty’s chicken sandwich (only available for lunch). Dinner would be a yummy home-cooked short rib over parsnip puree and creamy polenta. And for dessert I'd make warm bread pudding with homemade bourbon vanilla ice cream. A glass of Opus One would finish off the evening!

5. What is your most used kitchen tool?

Definitely my Vitamix. I use it for everything, from soups to sauces to smoothies. I've even used it to make quick banana "ice cream" for my daughter Riley.

6. Why did you launch Little Lights of Mine?

I launched Little Lights of Mine because I was a young, 23-year-old new mom. I was home at the time and looking for direction. I started the blog as a place to just share everything. It quickly turned into a food-based blog where I would share all of my favorite recipes. It truly is my passion. I love it when someone tries a recipe of mine and posts a picture of the finished product. Completely rewarding. It makes my day every time.

7. Where did Chef Curry with the Pot come from?

It's a line from the Drake song "0 to 100." The line is really about my husband "cooking" it up on the court with all of his crafty moves, but I totally have it made up in my head that it’s about me. It was too perfect not to do it.

8. What is your favorite home remedy or beauty potion?

I love to make scrubs at home. My favorite is a mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil. So simple yet so effective!

9. What are your favorite Bay area restaurants?

For Brunch I love Boca Nova in Oakland. Their menu is always changing but perfect and fresh. I always grab an agua fresca. A family favorite dinner spot for us is Crustacean. Nothing beats the roast crab; I dream about it. Blue Bottle Coffee is my favorite spot for a perfect mocha.

10. Do you have favorite local shops or designers?

Modern Citizen is an amazing San Francisco-based clothing company. Their pieces are effortless and flattering—not to mention affordable. Everything is so ladylike. Tatcha is my favorite beauty brand. They were also founded in San Francisco. Their entire line is based off of geisha tradition and ritual. The line has transformed my skin.