You down with M.O.D.?
| Credit: © Macall B. Polay

Ugh, the Game of Thrones season five premiere is still two months away. We already finished our complete stash of Westeros-themed beer, and baked about two dozen of these pies. There’s nothing left to pass the time unless we want to watch season four for a third time. That is not the case for a lucky few in London who get to attend an official and exclusive Game of Thrones pop-up.

From February 13 to 15, the Andaz in London will host a three-day banquet with food presumably only describable in thousands of words by George R.R. Martin.

It’s a joint venture between HBO and London pop-up veterans The Wandering Chef. Most of the menu will remain a secret until the event, but they leaked one epically named dish: The Lies of Tyrion Lannister and his Proclaimed Innocence. It’s actually poached veal tongue with beetroot and horseradish.

Now for the bad news: A panel of judges are wading through a stack of submissions for the seats, which are only open to people who live in England. So unless you have a long lost Uncle who lives in Bristol, you’re out of luck. This is just too good of an idea to keep to the Brits though. Everyone email HBO now and tell them you want a King’s Landing-style feast stateside.