By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 11, 2015
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If 10,000 hours make you an expert, then what do 1,451 days make you? Artist Tatsuya Tanaka has made a miniature world out of common objects every day since April 20, 2011. The images are part of his "Miniature Calendar" project, wherein Tanaka represents each day of the calendar with the scene he constructed on that day. Tanaka's images turn cheese into snow drifts, coffee grounds into construction sites, even seaweed into the sea. Given Tanaka's years of constant production, it's hard to believe how boundless his creativity is.

When Tanaka first posted one of his miniature scenes to Instagram, he had no idea how expansive his project would become. But when one of his followers commented, "I want to see the miniature calendar every day," Tanaka took the idea and ran with it. He enjoyed it so much that he never stopped.

Of course, even Tanaka, as prolific as he is, admits that creating a world a day can get difficult. "Posting works every single day, in itself is my challenge," Tanaka told Designboom. "Those who have seen my works all the way through to this point have a good eye, so creating ideas that exceed their expectations is also a challenge." Still, he never fails to impress. Tanaka's current creations are, if anything, more imaginative than the images that started it all.

Perhaps the best part of Miniature Calendar: Underlying every image is a wonderful sense of joy and accessibility. Says Tanaka, "You can see how everyday things can become more fun when imagined in a different way. It is important that the ‘miniature calendar’ is understandable in its intention for everyone—young and old, of any nationality. So, I try to use familiar things and address familiar matters."

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