By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 13, 2015
© Henry Hargreaves

Everyone knows sodas are packed full of sugar. We’ve been bludgeoned to death with that warning for years, whether it came from our moms or the San Francisco City Council. But what if you took the sugar from a single soda and turned it into a candy? And then you put that candy on a stick? You’d have a lollipop created specifically from the sugar in a soft drink. And that’s exactly what one artist has done.

Henry Hargreaves—whose previous food-related work includes The Beatles tribute “Jello Submarine” and doomsday-scenario meals of “Ready for Dinner”– decided to go after sweet drinks with his latest project.

(De)Hydrate,” as he calls it, is “an experiment to show what’s in soft drinks after the water is boiled away.” Since the number of grams of sugar listed on a bottle doesn’t mean much to most people, Hargreaves said in a video that he wanted to put that information “in a context I understood.” Explaining the process on his website, he wrote, “Once boiled, I took each remaining substance and poured it into a lollipop mold. After all, I figure that’s what you’re essentially getting: candy in costume as a soft drink.”

Coke, Zico, Powerade, Monster, Snapple, Vitaminwater, Mountain Dew and Jarritos all got the lollipop treatment. No word on what he did with the final lollipops after he was done photographing them, though it may be a very high-minded Halloween this October at the Hargreaves’ household.

Check out the process of creating this lollipop art:

[h/t Neatorama]