By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 25, 2015
Credit: © Dan Cretu

When you hear banana, you probably don't think of beauty and elegance, unless you've seen the sculptures of Romanian artist Dan Cretu. These bananas aren't yellow, and you probably don't want to eat them, but they more than make up for that fact by looking incredibly cool. Cretu paints his bananas and carves parametric designs into them to satisfy the geometry geek in all of us.

Cretu is primarily a photographer, not just a sculptor, and his sculptures, always made of food, are never digitally altered. Because he works in such a perishable medium, all his pieces must be assembled and shot in less than four hours.

His stunningly graphic bananas are just one of his many series of food photographs. Cretu said of his work, “I have the privilege to work with perfect materials and I am very happy with my supplier – Mother Nature." And that enthusiasm comes through in his work. In a series commissioned for Pizza Hut in 2014, Cretu created intricate cartoon animals out of colorful vegetables. In a series entitled Anatomy of Fruits and Vegetables, he utilized his classical training to create stunning sculptures of human musculature out of cantaloupe, cucumber, watermelon, and potato. In SF (Space_Food), Cretu repurposed cheeses, potato, and onions to represent the surface of planets, moons, and asteroids. But not even a potato moon can compete with his truly magnificent Homer Simpson fried egg. With just yolks and whites, Cretu hilariously recreated TV's most iconic, incompetent doughnut lover.

From exquisite works of geometric perfection to funny, quirky characters, Dan Cretu really nails the whole food art thing. To see more of his delightfully edible sculptures, check out his Tumblr and Instagram, or buy prints of his work on Etsy.