By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 14, 2015
© AF archive / Alamy

James Bond: top British spy, a master of seduction, or every man's inspiration for how to pull off a tux. Bond also appreciates a good meal. Photographer Henry Hargreaves—whom you may remember from his Jell-O re-creation of The Beatles—and food stylist Charlotte Omnès pay tribute to the foodie side of Bond with Dying to Eat, a series of photographs of James Bond's best food and drink from the Ian Fleming novels never portrayed in the films.

This photo series is a cultural examination as much as anything. For many, James Bond is an icon of the ideals of 1950s postwar society. And this means so much more than just guns, bikinis and a dapper attitude. In the 007 novels, each meal Bond eats represents a cultural ideal, and this photo series captures those ideals. The bourbon and eggs Benedict for dinner, portrayed on a silver platter with cufflinks and an ashtray, show us the all-pleasure, no-rules life of a rich bachelor. The Kobe beef with a side of pure blood, depicted raw on clearly Japanese kitchenware, show us how the red-meat model of manliness can also be exotic and international.

As an added bonus, Hargreaves's grandfather served with Ian Fleming during the war and acted as a consultant for some of the sartorial details in Fleming's series. You can follow Henry Hargreaves on Facebook and Instagram, and follow Charlotte Omnés on Twitter.

Here are a few of our favorites: