By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 14, 2015
Credit: © Vanessa Mckeown

What do you see when you look at a balloon? If you answered, “Uh, a freakin’ balloon,” maybe you need to work on tapping the more creative side of your brain.

That’s what artist Vanessa McKeown did. When she looked at ordinary balloons, she spotted the similarities between these birthday staples and some common fruits and vegetables. A group of purple balloons, for instance, are just a stem away from being a giant, light-as-air bunch of grapes. Meanwhile, add the right string to a set of red balloons and you have yourself some tomatoes on the vine.

Granted, there’s only so much you can do to balloons without stepping up your balloon game to circus clown animal making level. But the simplicity of McKeown’s project—which is called “Balloons”—is most of the fun. I’ve never really thought about how a balloon can fit perfectly inside of a coconut. But now I will think about it. If that hasn’t enriched my life, what is the point of art, really?