By Sery Kim
Updated July 06, 2015

Last week, streaming music service Spotify changed their bland green logo to a neon-lime, Andy Warhol-esque design. Eagle-eyed fans may have been only the ones who really noticed this change since most of us just open the app and go straight to the music list. However, Spotify amped their game to reach out to the millennial market and felt using the original earthy green, which was chosen because no one else was using that particular shade at that time, was too unoriginal.

Now, adding to this hot pursuit of this even hotter demographic, this week Spotify will be launching a new app in collaboration with Armani. Emporio Armani Sounds will offer playlists made by people like Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, Klaxons, La Roux and Boy George, as well as interviews and concerts.

The playlists are free and updated each week.