When I was a kid, Mario Bros. was my video game of choice. I would spend hours sitting in front of my parents’ big TV, ignoring my mother’s pleas to set the table, trying to get Mario (or Luigi, depending on my mood) to the next level. These days, though, kids can’t play video games just for the fun of it—that is, if Michelle Obama has her way. Yesterday, the First Lady and the USDA announced the Apps for Healthy Kids competition, a challenge to software developers, game designers—anyone with a good idea—to develop tools and games to help conquer childhood obesity. Michelle Obama wants to help kids and their parents “eat better and be more physically active,” and she knows just how to get a kid’s attention: with flashy, fun and engaging video games, preferably with a catchy tune.

Until they announce the winners—$40,000 in prizes are at stake—these superquick and healthy F&W recipes will help anyone eat better.