By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 19, 2015
© Best. Morning. Ever.

Some new inventions are practical – like the wheel. Others are fun – like Wheel of Fortune. And then some fall conspicuously in the middle – like a coffee mug that can also hold and warm a doughnut. Was finding a place to set down your doughnut really that hard? Was eating room temperature doughnuts really such a problem? Do I really need to replace all my free mugs I got from my friend who’s a pharmaceutical rep?

Tom Medwin didn’t necessarily set out to create a coffee mug that can also warm a doughnut. The Kickstarter for his new mug – known as The Best. Morning. Ever. Mug (yes, that’s a lot of periods for a a single product) – actually gives top billing to another feature: it’s a ceramic mug that claims to keep your coffee hotter longer.

His punctuation-accentuated mug achieves that heat containment by being topped off with a hot plate. Simple enough. But apparently a mug that holds its heat isn’t buzz-worthy enough – possibly because thermal mugs were invented back around the time of the wheel. So to really make his mug newsworthy, Medwin designed that hot plate to be the perfect size to hold a doughnut.

That must have done the trick because the BME Mug – with its images of a mug topped off with a doughnut –has already surpassed its $4,500 crowdfunding goal with 22 days left to go.

One problem, though: If you have a doughnut on top of your coffee mug, won’t that make it hard to drink your coffee? Not to worry. I am working on my own Kickstarter for a “completely detached independent doughnut holding device.” My working name is “The Most. Normal. Plate.”