By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 15, 2014
© Nick Sanchez

The world of Instagrammed clothing is about to get more diverse. Adidas’s miZX FLUX app, which lets you custom print your best photos on a pair of sneakers, is already out there. But SnapShirt and its forthcoming app will put that picture of dinner you took last night on T-shirts, hoodies and socks.

It’s not some shoddy screen-print job, either. Mike Krilivsky, SnapShirt creator and founder of the clothing company Rage On, worked to develop equipment that uses a process called “all-over printing,” which is what it sounds like: Your photograph is not just a square in the center of the shirt, it wraps around the entire thing. While the idea of all-over printing isn’t new, the ability to do it on the fly from your phone will be. SnapShirt's app will let you shoot pictures or use your photo library to place your images on patterns for different articles of clothing and order them through their store.

Early reports on pricing are $40 for a T-shirt, so it’s a bit more expensive than a store like CafePress. But who can put a price on emblazoning that 12-course tasting menu on a sweatshirt forever?

The app is in beta testing right now, but you can go to to stay updated on its release