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© Alex Oliveira/startraksphoto.comI wish I could have recorded every word out of Anthony Bourdain’s mouth at the Times Talk at the New York City Wine & Food Festival this past weekend. Especially because he had Frank Bruni asking him super-smart questions. But I only got a few of the highlights. Here they are.

On Kitchen Confidentials big break: "A lot of chefs didn’t want to see the industry spotlighted that way. Then Jacques Pépin got behind it. He said when he was a young chef, if he’d thrown out the bread from a table, his chef would have killed him.”

On the fetishizing of food these days: “It’s a great racket, don’t f*** it up.”

On chefs who might be coasting these days: “It’s hard to be Guy Fieri, you have to wake up every day and put on all that bling. And Rachael Ray sent me a fruit basket. I’m not going to talk s**t about her.”

On what’s made him sick during filming of his hit No Reservations show: “The little taco place with half a pig’s head sitting out under a light — that’s fine. It’s always the breakfast buffet at the Hilton where the trouble starts.”