Credit: © Jared Milgrim/Corbis

Comedian Andy Milonakis has a way of sneaking food into almost everything he does. The theme song from his old MTV show featured no less than 5 references to food; a music video for his rap group Three Loco involves big bowls of spaghetti; and he does a show for his YouTube channel called Makeshift Gourmet, which combines an everyday household food item with a haute ingredient (think: Hamburger Helper and wagyu beef w/ fresh truffles). But once you peel back the absurdity, you find a guy who is pretty serious about food. His sushi game is stronger than that of anyone I've ever met, and he is intensely proud of his Greek heritage. Here are 5 things he'd want to find in his dressing room after a gig.

1. Pappy Van Winkle 20-Year-Old bourbon. "I started drinking it about eight years ago, and now it’s my favorite spirit. I did about three hours of research and found out it was one of the best rated bottles out there. So I started buying it at Bristol Farms for $99 a bottle. Now people are selling it on the black market for like $800."

2. Cretan tsikoudia. "If I have to be real, this might be my favorite drink on earth. It's made from grape skins like grappa, but it's not as strong, and much better. My friend and I drank a 1.5-liter bottle in one night and woke up with no hangover. It's the cleanest liquor on earth and you can only find it on the island of Crete. You can’t even find it in other parts of Greece."

3. My aunt's yemista. "These are rice-stuffed squash blossoms, similar to dolmas. But unlike the grape leaves you usually get at Greek restaurants, they are baked and served hot."

4. Fresh-baked bread and produce from Crete. "I know I'm talking a lot about Crete but it's my heritage, yo! Produce in America is nothing like what they have in Greece. They have these tomatoes that you just want to hold and bite into. Mix one of those with some good olive oil and pick it all up on a hot baguette and you have one of the best bites in the world."

5. Hagashi toro. "Hagashi toro is the softest, most buttery part of a tuna. It comes from the top of the tail and the way it melts makes ordinary toro seem hard. So take that hagashi toro and put it on a perfect, magical bit of rice that always stays the perfect temperature. I'd like a couple pieces of that, just lined up in my dressing room when I come off stage. "