Plus, the Bravo star dishes about his fondness for Christmas, cocktails, and Matthew Broderick's cooking

Andy Cohen
Credit: Bravo/Getty Images


My entertainment style is probably the antithesis of Food & Wine. My holiday party starts after 9 p.m. so I don’t have to deal with feeding everyone. I have noshy stuff around that you pick on later after you’ve had enough to drink—my parties are really about drinking.


I love Brazil, especially the small beach town of Trancoso and the Fasano hotel in Rio. The people are beautiful and the energy is amazing. I was there recently for John Mayer’s 40th birthday, and on the last night of the trip he performed in São Paulo. It was just incredible.


I’m so excited that this year I’m co-hosting New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper. At most parties you have at least one TV tuned to CNN so you can see what’s going on around the world and in Times Square, so I feel like I’m going to be the background scenery at a lot of them.


When I’m back home in St. Louis I like going out for Italian food because they serve Provel cheese, which is considered disgusting in most other parts of the country. In St. Louis it’s fully acceptable, and I love when something that is kind of disgusting is treated as actual food.


The last few years I’ve been going to watch the Oscars at Jimmy Fallon’s, and they always have great food. I’m lucky that a lot of my friends are really into food. My friend Liza is a great cook; so is Matthew Broderick. And John Benjamin Hickey is a really good cook.


I don’t give my dog Wacha human food. He was with me recently when I went to meet some Chicago Cubs for drinks, so I asked the driver to watch him. After, he told me that he gave Wacha three shish kebabs. I was like, “Are you kidding me?!”

—Interview by Christine Quinlan