9 Whole Foods Products You Should Buy This October 

Pumpkin spice, dips, and everything nice.

Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes and Waffle Mix

If you're anything like me — which, if you like food, you probably are — you could easily spend hours perusing Whole Foods and thinking about what new items you should try out. But also, if you're anything like me, you have neither the time to stick around and read every product description nor the grocery budget to give in to every little thing that catches your attention. That's where Food & Wine comes in. Every month I try out all of Whole Foods' latest products, including their own "365" brand items as well as any other exciting releases, to see what items are actually worth your time and money.

Fall is in full swing at Whole Foods and their latest product rollouts have your PSL ambitions covered. Plus there are plenty of snacks and dips for all the monster mashes you're hosting or attending this Halloween season. Read on to discover my picks for your shopping cart this month.

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Milk Bar Marshmallow Brownie Batter Bites

Marshmallow Brownie Batter Bites

I've never been one to prefer cookie dough over a cookie because why eat something half done when you can get it with a better texture and hot out of the oven? But despite my usual aversion to uncooked dough, these batter bites made an impression on me, and my fiancé who keeps journeying to the freezer for more. Because of their very small size, they make for an easy and quick snack that's a step above a piece of candy or chocolate but not a full commitment like a baked good. Despite being bite-sized, they're full of flavor and taste exactly as advertised plus because they're frozen and not just regular room-temperature batter. They also have a nice bite to them which makes them much more satisfying. The bites come in Marshmallow Brownie, Gooey Butter Cake, and Pretzel Peanut Butter, but it's the chocolaty brownie version that takes the cake (or cookie) for me.

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365 by Whole Foods Market Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Sandwich Cremes

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake

These cookies were so good that I received a box, ate a sleeve in a day, fought with the members of my household over who could have the last few precious cookies, and then was forced to pick up another box tout de suite before they get discontinued because we needed more. For the pumpkin-averse like me, don't fret; these cremes lean way more toward cheesecake than they do orange gourd and have just the right amount of spice to not taste like you just shoved fall down your throat. And if you do love fall-flavored things then go ahead and pick up a box, because this might just be the perfect autumnal baked good.

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CAVA Everything Bagel Labneh

Everything Bagel Labneh

The best part about this labneh isn't the everything bagel component — although I do love a bagel with all the fixings — but rather that in addition to the poppy and sesame seeds, dried garlic, onion, and chives which already add tons of flavor, it's also loaded with lemon juice for a bright, citrusy pop that really makes this dip stand out. Let's just say, if someone had some of this at their Halloween party, I'd be standing next to it the whole time. Add it to your grain bowls, salads, celebrations, etc. but whatever you do, add it to your cart.

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Whole Foods Market Organic Apple Pear Ginger Italian Soda

Apple Pear Ginger Italian Soda

Whole Foods does it again with another delightful Italian soda! Bubbly, spicy, and perfect for fall (we're all drinking ginger-anything to keep the germs away these days right?), this soda is perfect to add a little extra sparkle to your day. Great on its own, it also makes a wonderful mixer to amp up your beverages. I recently had it with a spot of gin during a fancy night in and loved the combination.

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HIPPEAS Veggie Straws

Hippeas Veggie Straws

As an avid consumer of chips, I was both very excited to try them and very pleased that I did. Unlike other veggie straw snacks, these are a lot firmer, yielding a crunch closer to what you'd expect from traditional chips. That also means they have a bite to them and don't feel like mush as soon as you dig in. But what I loved most about them was the flavors which are just powerful enough to make them feel like an indulgent snack without making you feel like your whole mouth is made of onions when you're done. I finished my sea-salt-flavored ones within an hour of receiving them and have hidden the sour cream and onion post-testing to ensure they have a longer life.

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365 by Whole Foods Market Spiced Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix

Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes and Waffle Mix

As I believe I've made very clear, I don't like pumpkin-flavored things, and I also don't care for pancakes (I'm an eggs for breakfast kinda gal) so I was not particularly excited about this pancake mix. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. As any pancake mix should, it made breakfast assembly quick and easy (although I do think you have to use more than one serving to make multiple pancakes of normal size). But what made the mix stand out was that like the sandwich cremes, the pumpkin flavor was very light, and rather than overpowering the whole meal, it made for perfectly spiced, and way more interesting than average griddled-batter flapjacks. If you are looking for full-on pumpkin this might not be the mix for you, but if you just want to turn up the flavor a bit on a batch of pancakes this is a great option.

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Gotham Greens Green Goddess Dip and Green Harissa Dip

Green Harissa Dip

Just in time for party season, Gotham Greens has released a handful of dips that should be on your radar including Green Goddess, Green Harissa, and Spinach Artichoke. All of them are plant-based and plant-packed and feel as much at home on a salad or a meaty main as they do in the middle of a celebration. Of the three, I liked the Green Green Goddess and Green Harissa the best with the former having a really satisfying garlicky pop and the latter quite a kick thanks to jalapeños and serranos.

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Belgian Boys Mini Pancakes

Belgian Boys Bite-sized Pancakes

These fun mini-pancakes are based on Dutch poffertjes which are a staple at festivals and markets in the Netherlands. Quick and easy to cook, they're a great way to add a little whimsy to your meal. With a texture that's slightly thicker than a crepe and has a bit more of a bite, they naturally seem like a great way to shake up your breakfast or dessert but I could see these cakes as a good base for some savory toppings too like tinned fish or ham and cheese.

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Whole Foods Market Maple Bourbon Syrup

Bourbon Maple Syrup

Maple bourbon is a winning combination and this syrup is proof. Whip it out at your next brunch or do like my fiancé and use it for your yearly pecan pie at Thanksgiving to impress your in-laws. Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, it'll certainly add a little punch.

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