By Dana Covit
Updated March 24, 2015
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First things first: I am not a morning person and probably never will be. In fact, I love nothing more than snuggling into my comforter and reveling in the pure, simple joy of sleep. Even if I’m awake, I have a near impossible time of getting out of the bed without some heavy convincing. I’ll stay in there, tucked deep into those blankets, for hours after my eyes have opened if I’m allowed. But life’s responsibilities (read: others judging me for sleeping until noon, and, alright, a full-time job) have made me take steps to amend my ways. After all, I began telling—er, reminding myself—I actually love the early hours of the day. There is something special about the crisp, dewy air, the softness of morning light, and the quiet and hush before the day really gets rolling.

Along my path towards Morning Personhood, I began adopting some simple practices that make getting up and out of bed upon my alarm’s first (yes, first!) sound a little less harrowing. And the good news is, they’re all straightforward enough for even the grumbliest of morning monsters to follow. Read on for nine ways you can trick yourself into being more of a morning person. Watch out, world.

1. Romaticize Your Morning

Warning: This is some positive manifestation-type work. If you work long hours and think of your sleep as sacred, try to begin thinking of your mornings in the same way—as crucial “you” time. What would you do if you had two more hours to yourself every day? Maybe you’d go for a walk, paint, write, or read. Whatever your answer is, your morning can give this to you.

2. Have A Playlist Queued Up

Music is one of the best, most universally helpful ways to make getting up more enjoyable. Craft a stellar morning playlist and keep a Bluetooth speaker on your bedside table. My personal approach is to start with something quiet that builds slowly, so that a few minutes in, the tempo has picked up and I'm feeling more awake. A playlist is also be a great way to keep an eye on the time without checking the clock compulsively. For example, if you’re on song number 11, you know it’s almost time to head out the door, and so on! Much less stressful.

3. Read Something Out Loud

Many of us are already in the habit of reading emails, scrolling through Instagram, or checking Facebook first thing in the morning from bed. Though this can help get your wheels turning, what will really do the trick is reading out loud. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of being woken up by an unexpected phone call, you’d know that after you hang up, you’re practically ready to bolt out the door. Read something—anything—out loud. It feels totally silly at first, but the benefit is undeniable!

4. Leave Yourself No Choice

Nothing doing the trick? Maybe it’s time for some tough love. Place your alarm on the other side of the room. Drink a giant glass of water before bed so you wake up and have to use the bathroom right away. Make getting up a literal necessity. And then, once you’re there, challenge yourself to stick to it. Moving around should at least get your blood flowing and make the thought of rising a little more bearable.

5. Make Your Bed

Fact: It will be much harder to crawl back under those covers once the bed is made. Plus, studies have shown that accomplishing even a small task—neatly making your bed, for example—first thing in the morning can provide a little jolt of endorphins and set your day off on the right foot.

6. Let the World In

Throw open those shades, crack a window and let that sunshine and fresh air in. Natural light (even the gray light of an overcast day!) and the sounds of your street should serve to slowly acclimate you to the outside world. Knowing it’s a nice day out will make it that much harder to stay in bed all day.

7. Stretch It Out

Stretching is a great way to get your blood flowing when you’re struggling to wake up. If you can manage, get on your feet and throw down a few sun salutations and toe-touches, maybe a few jumping jacks if you're feeling crazy. Heck, stretch in bed if you need to. Any bit helps!

8. Take Your Time

Nothing spoils a morning like rushing around like a maniac. The key to being a morning person is to proactively decide to enjoy your mornings, and this cannot be done if you're scrambling to get out the door. So, do yourself the favor and set your alarm to an earlier time than you think you need to. Give yourself the time and space to wake up as slowly as you need (so long as you’re actually waking up!), drink your coffee, read the paper, whatever your ritual is! Having a leisurely morning will make them much more pleasant.

9. Treat Yourself

Think of what you'd like your morning to be about and then craft your morning ritual around that idea. Indulge in something that makes you happy. Whether this means taking a nice hot shower, eating a big breakfast, or reading the paper—without pause, do it. If you start actually experiencing your mornings as a time where you get to enjoy some of the things you love most, you might just look forward to waking up.