Credit: © Dash of Darling

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

Le sigh, the magical months of summer are drawing to a close. And while they’ve left us with a pretty serious desire to relocate to the beach, they’ve also left us with a pretty serious slew of dirty accoutrements.

Don't forget to clean up these summer staples (before many of them sit in your closet awaiting next May).

1. Your beach tote. Sayonara, soggy magazines and half-empty sunscreen bottles. But before you pack it away, give your trusty tote a solid shake outside (even an old-school broom-beating) to rid it of any remnants of sand.

2. The cooler. Remove all moisture once and for all. After Labor Day has come and gone, consider using some spray cleaner (and elbow grease) to eliminate any, um, growth.

3. Pool gear. Treat that giant inflatable swan with respect. Hose her down (with pressure), let her air dry completely and pack her away, mildew-free.

4. Flip-flops. Sand-caked items have no business in your closet. Did you ever think of throwing them in the dishwasher? (Just maybe, alone.)

5. Swimsuits. Chlorine doesn't equal cleanliness. After your grand pool finale, give your bikinis a good Woolite soak.

6. Caftans and cover-ups. Because...have you tossed any of them in the washing machine even once?

7. Your summer whites. Bleach, fold and tuck 'em away--at least until you can rock 'em with sweaters.

8. The trunk of your car. Summer road-tripping has taken a toll on your trunk space. Gather those quarters and put the car-wash vacuums to good use.

9. The glove compartment. Ditto. God only knows how long those peanut M&Ms have been in there.