By Meredith Lepore
Updated October 08, 2015
Credit: © Photos 12 / Alamy Stock Photo

It’s hard to believe that Felicityhas been off the air for 13 years (it wrapped in 2002). It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how the ratings dropped when the show’s star, a fresh­faced Keri Russell, cut off her beautiful curly hair. The J.J. Abrams–produced show was never a ratings hit and was not quite as mystical as some of the other WB shows of its time—she wasn’t a witch, an alien or a vampire slayer.

And unlike many of the WB fashions of the time, Felicity Porter actually dressed like a normal college student. Of course, her style changed over time as she went from naïve freshman to sophisticated New Yorker, but there are some serious style lessons that we can learn from Felicity.

1. Embrace Comfy Sweaters
Especially if the long sleeves fall over your hands. They look good, and you can bet she was a lot warmer than all those WB starlets in their miniskirts.

2. Cut Your Hair for You and No One Else
Even if the ratings go down and both Noel and Ben don’t want to date you, cut your hair because it makes you feel good. But do expect to have some awkward growing-out phases.

3. Wear Sneakers
Your feet will thank you.

4. Go Goth/Wicca Like Meghan (Sometimes)
The girl made it work.

5. Dress Up for a Girls’ Night Out
In season two, Felicity also goes out for a girls’ night and wears red pants (a bold color!) and a tube top, and totally rocks it.

6. Just Say Yes to Tank Tops
And if you don’t want to wear a bra, even better.

7. Put It in a Backpack
We owe the real backpack comeback to Felicity Porter. Practical, quirky and no shoulder pains for this gal.

8. A Peacoat Is a Must-Have Classic
It is a staple of a college coed’s wardrobe.

9. A Love Triangle Is Superchic
One hot guy named Scott is great, but two is even better.