Remember when floral halos suspended above dance floors were all the rage at wedding receptions? When cupcakes were the “new” wedding cake? Or when peacock-feathered centerpieces were the style? Wedding trends come and go but you want to make your big day as special and fun as possible. Here are 9 ways to make your wedding the most talked about event of the year.

Unique Venues

Don’t want to get married in a hotel ballroom or banquet hall? No problem! There are now more unique venues than ever before that will speak to your personalities. Love the water? Try getting married on a ship. Are you a couple of cinephiles? Rent out the vintage theater in your town. Castles, 100-year-old barns, theaters, and even funeral homes are creative options for your wedding.

Animal Friends

We get it; your pet is your baby. Instead of leaving your furry, feathered or other animal friend at home, include him or her in your wedding festivities. From tuxedos to tutus and floral crowns, the wardrobe options for animals are endless and adorable. Just make sure your pets have relieved themselves before walking down the aisle.

Local Craft Brews

Move over specialty cocktails and make room for craft beers. Give those who have travelled far and wide to celebrate your union a taste of the local craft beers from your hometown. Some couples are even brewing beer themselves to give guests as a parting favor, complete with customized labels!

Custom Mirror Decals

There’s no need for your décor to stop at the restroom door. Surprise your guests by greeting them with custom mirror clings that say, “You look gorgeous”, “Get out there and dance!” or “Megan loves Adam XOXO” (using your names, of course). For that added personal touch, enlarge your own handwriting when creating the decal so it looks like you wrote on the mirror. Your guests will love this idea. And the venue will too since the clings are easy to remove when the party’s over.

Live Painting

First, there were photographers and then videographers. Now, in addition to these professionals, artists are being hired to live paint wedding festivities. They can do portraits of the guests, or paint scenes from the wedding. Make sure your artist has enough light to accurately capture images, and you’ll have a work of art filled with priceless memories to hang on your wall.

Slow-Motion Video

Your party will be over before you know it, so why not slow things down with a slow-motion video booth? Similar to a regular photo booth where guests can play with an array of props, the video booth records a four-to-ten-second segment of your friends dancing and having fun, and then replays it at four-to-eight-time slower motion. Guests can print the stills and share the entertaining videos with their social networks. Best of all, you can relive the hilarity by watching the videos as you wend your way to your honeymoon.

Blingy Jewelry

We always counsel our brides to purchase a timeless dress they love to prevent that, “What was I thinking?” moment years later. The best way to incorporate your fashion-forward sense of style without going avant-garde with your dress is through your jewelry. Let your personality shine with funky, blingy jewelry. And instead of two dresses – one for the ceremony and one for the reception – consider changing your jewelry. This will alter your look without causing you to miss out on the festivities.

Themed Cakes

Goodbye traditional, multi-tiered wedding cakes. Couples are now choosing themed cakes that reflect their personalities, interests or relationships. Are you CrossFit fanatics? Your cake could be shaped like a kettle bell. Did you meet at a football game? A stadium-shaped cake with your faces on the Jumbotron might be just the ticket. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination!

Mixing And Matching

From mixing round and rectangular tables, Chiavari and ghost chairs, and a variety of different colored, patterned and textured linen, couples are steering away from uniform looks. This trend encourages the amalgam of traditional and contemporary décor to create the perfect atmosphere, which will appeal to both your grandmother’s classic taste and your hip friends’ modern style!