By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 10, 2014
Credit: © iStockphoto

We are deep into picnic season now and if you haven’t enjoyed a meal in a park yet, you are well overdue. Picture fresh-cut grass, a warm afternoon and the cocktails that may or may not be allowed in your park of choice: It’s time to pack a basket and spend an afternoon outside.

But sometimes even a simple activity like a picnic can use an upgrade. From blankets to better beer koozies, the following gear will make for a perfect day out.

Bamboo Slips: Cutlery by the Sheet

These sets of disposable cutlery come in sheets that roll up easily and fit in any bag. They also get rid of the annoying minutes you spend continually pulling plastic spoons out of the box when you’re looking for a knife.

Picnic Bike

We’ve all had the uncomfortable experience of trying to ride a bike to the park, loaded down heavily with blankets, food and drinks. Well, this DIY picnic basket/table/bicycle accessory eliminates the need for backpacks, blankets and everything else that could cause an accident on the way to a beautiful summer afternoon.

Bumbag Drink Holder

Cover your drink the new-old-fashioned way. It looks like a paper bag, but is actually an insulated koozie that will keep your 40 cold in addition to hiding it from the prying eyes of the authorities.

The Pocket Blanket

This super-light, full-size “blanket” can be folded to fit in the palm of your hand. Lugging the bulky old quilt that your great grandmother brought over from the Old Country may be a thing of the past.

Hobo Knife

What’s cooler than riding the rails and plopping your bindle down in front of a barrel fire? This combo piece of silverware from Best Made Co. It separates into individual pieces—a fork, spoon and knife—and can be reassembled into one folding unit you can carry in your pocket.


This is for the person looking for an after-picnic drink: a handheld espresso maker that uses no batteries or electricity. It does still need hot water though, so we’d recommend bringing some with you in one of the Hydro Flasks you brought with you on your camping trip.

Speaker Blanket

Whenever we picnic, we need to have a sound track and now that sound track is integrated right into our blanket. A 3.5mm jack and built-in speakers make this a considerably better option than the oversize boom box and the eight D batteries required to power it.

The Briefcase Grill

You won’t have to spend your Sunday morning fighting for cemented grate space with families who seem to be making enough chicken to feed the population of most New England states. This charcoal-burning apparatus is smaller than your MacBook Pro, so it’s easy to cart along with you and cook up your meal away from the chaos going on over in the grill section.

Sand-Free Blanket

Whenever we try to picnic at the beach, we end up with sandwiches that are quite a bit grainier than we would like. The mesh design on these picnic blankets should send sand back where it belongs.