By Julia Millay Walsh
Updated January 20, 2015
© Justin Coit

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We find interior design inspiration everywhere… in films and on television, in architecture, in magazines, and during our travels. The list goes on. But one place we often find ourselves inspired is restaurants. There are natural similarities between culinary spaces and our homes. Restaurants have dining rooms and bars, sitting areas, coat racks, and bathrooms—if we didn't need a bedroom and a shower, we'd be tempted to move right in!

1. Duddell's in Hong Kong

PHOTO: Robert Holden

Designed by Studio Ilse, the lounge in Hong Kong restaurant Duddell's does it for us in so many ways: great rugs, sculptural furniture, and perfect color choices.

2. Farmshop in Marin County

PHOTO: Mariko Reed

The modern rustic sitting area in Farmshop Marin, designed by sought-after design firm Commune, is one we would literally move right into.

3. Galli Restaurant in New York City

PHOTO: Nicole Franzen

We're coveting the tropical wallpaper chosen by Karen Gallo for her design of SoHo restaurant Galli.

4. Josephine House in Austin

PHOTO: Clayton and Little

The marble bar at this farmhouse-inspired hot spot hasn't escaped our memory since we first saw it two years ago.

5. Malamén in Mexico City

PHOTO: Jaime Navarro

The gallery wall at Mexico City's Malamén, designed by Ricardo Casas Design, is totally on-point with its vintage photography, metallic touches, charming illustrations, and intriguing sculptural objects.

6. The Musket Room in New York City

PHOTO: Emily Andrews

New Zealand-inspired neighborhood spot The Musket Room in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood won us over with its handsome walnut and ocean blue leather seating. We'd love to design a cozy library with those materials.

7. Petit Trois in Los Angeles

PHOTO: Chris Patey

The turquoise-and-black tile in the bathroom of Petit Trois, designed by Domaine's own editor-at-large Estee Stanley, manages to be both elegant and fun.

8. PUMP Restaurant in Los Angeles

PHOTO: Justin Coit

We loved the salvaged wood touches Lisa Vanderpump added to her West Hollywood restaurant, PUMP.

9. The Upsider in New York City

PHOTO: Reid Rolls

Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw the custom brass and leather stools Zachary Lynd designed for his Midtown East restaurant, The Upsider.