Here, eight great additions to upgrade basic biscuits.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Herb-Gruyère Biscuits

Now that Hugh Acheson and Marcus Samuelsson have taught you how to make perfect fried chicken, it’s time to perfect fried chicken’s BFF, the biscuit. Here, eight great additions to upgrade basic biscuits.

1. Cheese and herbs. Try any herb-and-cheese combination—cheddar and minced chives, chopped rosemary and Parmesan, the possibilities are endless.

2. Sweet potato. Sweet potato lends biscuits a naturally sweet flavor.

3. Whole wheat. Switching up the flour makes biscuits hearty and rustic.

4. Crème fraîche. Replace buttermilk with crème fraîche for lightly tangy, ultra-luxe biscuits.

5. Bacon. Meaty chunks of bacon turn biscuits into a mini meal.

6. Maple syrup. It makes biscuits wonderfully rich and enticingly sweet.

7. Almond flour. Swap in almond flour for crumbly gluten-free biscuits.

8. Dill seed. They add a pleasant and unusual flavor to savory biscuits.