By FWx Editors
Updated January 08, 2020
Courtesy of Amazon

Game of Thrones is finally back for its fifth season Sunday night. Like us, you hopefully spent the last week catching up on everything you forgot from the first five seasons and you’re ready for even the most serious premiere party. To up your status even further, here are a few Westerosian products to enhance the atmosphere.

1. Feast of Fire and Ice—Dornish Companion Cookbook

The creators of the original Feast of Fire and Ice, who brought us recipes from across Westeros, just released a new addition to their original cookbook. From the Sands of Dorne is full of dishes Oberyn Martell no doubt enjoyed—at least before that whole head-smooshing thing.

2. Faceless Man Chocolate Coins

Eat them, use them to join the Guild of Faceless Men—just make sure you have a bowl of these in your candy dish.

3. Targaryen Dragon Egg

How these made their way across the Narrow Sea to St. George’s Market in Belfast, we don’t know. But we would throw down for one to have on display Sunday.

4. Winterfell Candle

Does your party have everything but that authentic Westeros smell? That’s no longer a problem with the Winterfell soy candle. (Don’t worry, it smells like pine and firewood, not a society without running water or sanitation.)

5. Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven Beer

The Cooperstown, New York, brewery is out with its fifth Game of Thrones beer, which pays tribute to the ominous symbol of Westerors with a dark, intense saison.

6. Winter Is Coming Tea

For those at the party who might not partake in the hard stuff, Desert Sage Natural has a geeked-up selection of teas, including the gingery and minty Winter Is Coming.

7. Crows Before Hoes Mug

And what better for those teetotalers to drink out of than a mug emblazoned with the slogan of the Watchers on the Wall. Okay, maybe it’s not their slogan, but it could be.

8. Chocolate Dragon Egg

This intricate egg comes loaded with a baby dragon truffle inside. Warning: This is possibly too cute to eat.