Credit: © VeryFirstTo

Here it is: a gingerbread house so expensive most of us would struggle to afford the down payment.

British luxury retailer VeryFirstTo has partnered with highly regarded pastry chef Georgia Green to offer a handcrafted, nearly $78,000 gingerbread house billed as the world’s most expensive. And what does a $78,000 gingerbread house look like? Like your house, of course. The company states, “The house, perfect for Christmas, will be totally bespoke and created in the likeness of your own home.” Totally! Though for that kind of money, let’s hope Green wouldn’t mind if you suggested a few renovations.

VeryFirstTo claims the price tag is justifiable in part because it will be “crafted using the finest ingredients including organic ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, Duchy organic eggs and Suma raw sugar cane.” Oh, yeah, and it also will be “adorned with 150 AAAA grade South Sea Pearls and a 5 carat unheated Mozambique Ruby set within the icing.” Because, seriously, how much does organic ginger really cost?

Orders must be placed by December 10, but even the company making the cake seems pretty dubious that orders will start rolling in anytime soon. As VeryFirstTo clearly states on its site, “A donation of £1,000 will be made to the Prince’s Trust charity should the house be purchased.” Emphasis added by me to stress dubiousness.

One more piece of good news, however: The company’s site also clearly states, “More pearls can be added to the houses at an additional cost.” Phew. And here I was worried I was going to have to hire one of those shady independent contractors to install additional pearls on my gingerbread house. Which section of Craigslist do you even find those guys in?