Credit: © Oliver Sweeney

This year, while we showed you how to display your love of food puns and drinking habits on T-shirts, a handful of innovators took foodism to the next-level with bizarre and wonderful results. Here, 7 surprising new products of 2014 that combine our love of food/booze/coffee and clothing.

1. Coffee Blazer

If deodorant and cologne aren't cutting it, maybe you need to change your clothes. Ministry of Supply's Aviator blazer, which features a coffee-infused polyester liner, is designed to control odors in the same way baking soda or a charcoal air filter does, making this the perfect jacket for those stressful situations.

2. Ginger Ale Sneakers

To honor Detroit's beloved Vernors Ginger Ale, Burn Rubber teamed up with New Balance on this green-and-gold shoe. A wood grain-printed toe mimics the look of the original product (which was once aged in wooden casks) and speckled soles rep carbonation. Even if you haven't tried Vernors ginger ale, these are cool sneakers.

3. Whiskey Shoes

For those moments when you need to stash a miniature bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label and want to look good: the limited-edition Johnnie Walker Brogue. Created by the geniuses at Oliver Sweeney, this classy, Italian-made shoe has a compartment in the heel specifically shaped and sized to fit a wee bottle of booze.

4. The Bartender Shoe

To help protect the feet of bartenders—or those of us who stand for hours while drinking—Generic Surplus and Cutty Sark teamed up to create a shoe with barkeeps in mind. The water-resistant, non-slip leather shoe is easy to clean, super cushioned for long periods of standing and is nearly all black to cover up stains.

5. Shrimp-Infused Workout Gear

No Eau de Scampi here. Crustacean shells contain a compound called chitosan that can kill bacteria and, therefore, odor. The Canadian company Strongbody uses this phenomenon in a new line of athletic apparel they claim will stop you from smelling bad after a hardcore workout.

6. Wear Your Food Pics

Adidas ZX Flux sneakers lets you customize shoes with Instagram shots, and now the app SnapShirt allows you to print your pictures on articles of clothing. It's not just a white T with a little image on the front, either; you can design a whole avocado look if the mood strikes.

7. Whisker Dam

Billed as “an umbrella for your face,” the Whisker Dam is a lip protector handmade from 100 percent copper. Simply slip the metal barrier onto a typical beer glass, and your mustache is protected from unsightly beer foam.