By Noah Kaufman
Updated February 24, 2015
Credit: © Darryl Moran/The Franklin Institute

The Lego Movie didn't take home an Oscar last weekend, but Legos still got plenty of love. Dozens of stars walked away with Lego Oscars designed by artist Nathan Sawaya (which you probably noticed during the wait-did-I-take-acid-and-not-know-it portion of the show). Known for turning the children’s building blocks into high art, Sawaya has recreated the Mona Lisa, The Kiss, and American Gothic just to name a few. D.C. Comics also just tapped him to make life-size versions of some of its most famous characters. And he does all his work with the same standard bricks we could barely make into an open-top box.

You can view some of his pieces via the Art of the Brick exhibit, which travels to museums around the world. It just arrived at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute and will be there through September 6. He also has a few pieces for sale, but they’re priced for the more serious collector.

Check out some Sawaya’s impressive sculptures below and stay tuned to his website to see where his Legos will be next.