By Alina Gonzalez
Updated February 19, 2015
Domaine Home

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You may not have realized it, but there's so much more you can do with your Instagram photos than repeatedly check to see if your like tally has increased. Other than printing them (the obvious), did you know you could make a zipper pouch out of your best flashback Fridays, or put your beloved cat photos on a pillow for Grandma?

Here are seven unique things you can do with your Instas!

1. Make an iPhone Case

Talk about meta: Turn your favorite photos into a case that protects your phone—and projects your best Instagrams to the world—while you Instagram more photos.

2. Turn Them Into Coasters

These ceramic Instagram coasters make a brilliant gift. Creep on the recipient’s own profile and borrow four of their all-star snaps for a personalized and thoughtful gesture they won’t expect. The grid that the coasters make is like an Instagram page brought to life. Who doesn’t want to rest their drink on visual reminders of amazing memories?

3. Make a Tear-Off Calendar

So much cooler and chicer than those tacky tear-off calendars! These Print Studio (formerly Prinstagram) tear-off calendars are a fun desk accessory that will make you look forward to each and every day of 2015. As a bonus, the paper is a thicker weight, so when you tear off the days you can repurpose them as notecards, frame them, or save them to make one heck of a year-end photo grid next year.

4. Make Greeting Cards

Turn your Instagrams into custom greeting cards to send to loved ones on a whim. The thought seems extra special when you write that you took the photo on the front of the card. #nofilter

5. Turn Them Into a Pillow

Turning your Instagrams into a pillow serves both a visual and functional purpose. A photo pillow is a fun conversation piece, not to mention an original gift for say, a college student’s new dorm room (photos they can cuddle when they’re homesick), or a new mom who can’t get enough of her baby’s mug. We’re sure your significant other would also love a pillow made from your selfies.

6. Make a Zipper Pouch Wrist Clutch

Carry your heart on your sleeve, literally, with this adorable Instagram wrist clutch that features eight photos on either side. Perfect for a night on the town to stash your keys, credit card, lipstick, and of course, cell phone.

7. Have Them Printed on a Wood Canvas

Have a prized Instagram photo blown up and printed on a wood canvas for a unique installation above the bed. Rustic meets tech.