Check out these 7 new, vegan- and carnivore-approved products.
Kite Hill Vegan Yogurt
Credit: Courtesy of Kite Hill

Here at Food & Wine, we don’t typically pay attention to fad diets – the paleo diet, alkaline diet, the werewolf diet (don’t ask), the replace-a-meal-with-44-minutes-of-staring-at-the-sun diet (really). However, as the vegan movement continues to grow and become increasingly mainstream, it’s hard to argue with its benefits and staying power. Here, the 7 winners from a massive staff taste test of new vegan products.

Veggie Burger Mix
Packed with fresh vegetables and whole grains that you can actually see, these pre-made veggie burger mixes from Made by Lukas are nothing like the mysterious discs you find in the freezer isle. First of all, they’re made with local veggies like beets, kale, and parsnips, and they’re mixed with quinoa, seeds and millet. Also, since the patties are not pre-formed, you can use them for veggie-balls, in a savory bread pudding or to make a vegan meatloaf. From $7.99; Available in grocery stores and on

Vegan Veggie Burgers
Credit: © Cara Howe

Cheezy Mac
Do not be scared off by the gluten-, nut-, soy-, dairy-free labels on this vegan mac-and-cheese. Daiya’s cheezy mac (available in three flavors: deluxe cheddar, deluxe alfredo and deluxe white cheddar veggie) are surprisingly creamy and satisfying and appeals even to real cheese lovers. $5.89;

Smoked Cashew Cheese
Chickpea miso gives this cashew-based cheese from Miyoko’s Creamery an aged umami flavor that mimics the real thing. Our favorite is the Aged English Smoked Farmhouse that’s reminiscent of smoked cheddar. $10.99 for 6.5 oz.;

Ben & Jerry’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream
You know when Chunky Monkey goes vegan that this whole plant-based diet thing is catching on. Made with almond milk, these Ben & Jerry’s flavors are just as decadent as the regular ice cream. Swirled with caramel and stuffed with toasty walnuts, brownie bits and chunks of dark chocolate, these vegan-friendly flavors are the kind of over-the-top ice creams you’d expect from our hippie friends in Vermont. From $5.69 for 1 pint;

Ben & Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream
Credit: © Ben & Jerry's

Egg-Free Cookie Dough
Hampton Creek’s egg-free cookie dough takes the danger (and guilt) out of digging into that raw cookie dough. The dough, which uses a blend of whole wheat and sorghum flour, also bakes up into perfectly chewy cookies with a crisp crust.

“Fysh” Sauce
Briny seaweed mimics fish in this 100% vegan fish sauce. Available in April, $7 for 12 oz.;

Almond Milk Yogurt
Chef Tal Ronnen of L.A.’s buzzy vegan restaurant, Crossroads, is the mastermind behind this phenomenal yogurt made with milk from California almonds. Our favorite is the soft and creamy blueberry flavor, but the plain is also excellent and really lets the quality of the yogurt shine. Vegan or not, try this yogurt. From $1.79 for 5.3 oz.; and available at Whole Foods Market.

Kite Hill Vegan Yogurt
Credit: Courtesy of Kite Hill