By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 23, 2015

Terrible news for airplane travellers who forgot to bring their headphones and need something to look at: SkyMall has just declared bankruptcy. The filing comes on the heels of the company's January 16 decision to suspend its print catalog operations. This is at least partly our fault for paying attention to the safety presentation instead of shopping like we’re supposed to. We don’t know for sure what SkyMall’s future holds. Acting CEO Scott Wiley said he hopes the company can continue to exist as a slimmed-down, online only shop, but if a deal to sell can’t be reached it’s possible that SkyMall will disappear for good. And sure, a lot of the catalog is available on Amazon, but everyone knows it just won’t be the same. Here are 7 things we could always regret never having ordered from SkyMall.