By Meredith Lepore
Updated July 20, 2015
Credit: © PARAMOUNT PICTURES / Ronald Grant Archive / Alamy

1. Knee socks will always work.
This movie did more for knee socks than The Facts of Life. Basically the higher your socks, the shorter your skirt can be!

2. Plaid can be a neutral
Man they wore a lot of plaid in Clueless and it wasn’t even Christmas. Plaid suits, plaid hats, plaid jackets . But it worked.

3. Underwear is perfectly acceptable going out attire
Sometimes you need to show a little skin and wearing a dress that basically looks like underwear is the way to do that. Just be sure to throw something over it in front of your father.

4. There are certain designers you will put yourself on the line for
Chanel, Gucci, Celine and Azzedine Alaia are acceptable to risk your life for.

5. Don’t wear overalls to a party at a club.
Chances are not good Paul Rudd will be there to save you.

6. Do wear your most capable looking outfit for a stressful situation
It should help you, though in Cher’s case it didn’t work.