7 Smart Appliances You Can Control With Your Phone

Your refrigerator can't tell you exactly what's inside but it can tell you other things by simply downloading an app.

  • For a while companies seemed to think they could add a touchscreen and Internet access to a fridge or put a TV in a range hood and call it smart. New technology, like the ability to control an appliance from your phone, is actually a pretty smart development. So until my refrigerator can check to see if I’ve got any chile paste left while I’m at the store or my stove can tell me that my sauce is at the perfect consistency, I will embrace these options:
  • GE’s Brillion app lets you control your oven remotely: preheat while you’re picking vegetables in the backyard or change the oven’s temperature while you finish watching a movie.
  • Dacor also makes ovens that can be monitored remotely though its Discovery iQ program. Check the status of a dish as it cooks and receive a text when it’s ready.
  • Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Live app notifies you if someone left the refrigerator door open or if you forgot to unload clean laundry or dishes. It will also provide updates on energy usage.
  • LG and Samsung are each developing technology so a single app can control all appliances using simple text messages like preheat oven, start dishwasher or going on vacation (so appliances shift to power saving mode).
  • Bosch is starting to make appliances that can be controlled by Home Connect, an app that can be used with a number of other appliance brands as well.
  • The Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker is enabled with the WeMo app, which lets you adjust temperature, cook time and more from your device.
  • The Lynx Smart Grill is a voice activated gas grill that cooks based on voice commands. It also lets you monitor cooking from a smart device and will send automatic notifications.
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