Credit: © Edward Le Poulin/Corbis

This Sunday after Game of Thrones, TV obsessives will tune into AMC to watch Mad Men at 10 p.m. The episode marks the beginning of the end for the saga of Don Draper. And hopefully the rise of Peggy Olson—if the Internet's wishes are granted. We’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out, but as we approach the season premiere we wanted to look back on the good and the bad that show has wrought in real life.

Good: Martinis

It wasn’t that long ago that they were either grandmother’s cocktail or looked at as impossible to drink without spilling. Martinis haven’t been riding this high since Sean Connery was ordering them shaken not stirred.

Bad: Pan Am.

Everyone in TV just tries to jump on whatever’s popular, but this was one of the most blatant ripoffs in recent memory. At least it lasted longer than the Playboy Club.

Good: Redheads.

Joan Harris brought some respect to gingers. Without her, it’s possible yjsy the only acknowledgement of these beautiful, mysterious creatures would have been on South Park and there would be fewer articles like this on about hot redheads. Even male models are seeing the effects of gingerlove.

Bad: Smoking.

Sure, according to the CDC, consumption of tobacco has been going down every year, but the guys on Mad Men made it look so cool. Man we could go for a cigarette.

Good: We Dress Better.

All of society does really. Skinny ties, skinny lapels, skinny…other stuff. The first few years of Mad Men reinvented what it means to be classy. Skinny ties might be losing traction, but we'll keep ours.

Maybe this falls under so bad it’s good.

Good: Weekday Drinking.

It might just be us, but we considered Mad Men an open invitation to get an Old Fashioned or two at lunch. If they could pull it off on Madison Avenue why can’t we?

Bad: Adultery in Advertising

Ashley Madison aside, when a product (Clorox) starts pushing itself as the thing that will help you get away with an affair, we’ve got issues.