Meet your new best friends: 7 sauces, rubs and marinades to kick your summer grilling game into gear. 

By Julia Heffelfinger
Updated May 23, 2017
Courtesy of Mouth

Summer is in full swing, which means it's time to brush up on those outdoor grilling skills. To that end, meet your new best friends: Here are seven sauces, rubs and marinades to kick your grill game into gear.

Black Crack
This aptly named product from Obisone will have you dusting everything you eat with black garlic. The organic garlic cloves are fermented and aged, giving them their dark color and rich, funky flavor. A little goes a long way with this product—try it in a dry rub on a steak, or mix it with softened butter and rub it under the skin of your chicken before grilling. $24.99/2oz.,

Cider Syrup
This complex, tangy and incredibly versatile syrup from Carr's Ciderhouse is made similarly to maple syrup, but with 100% apple cider. Brush it on pork chops, duck, chicken or vegetables before grilling so that it gets smoky and caramelized. $16/12.7 oz.,

Spicy and slightly sweet, this Korean chile sauce is smooth in taste and consistency. Use it for a Korean take on grilled chicken wings or brush it over a piece of grilled pork, which you can then slice and serve in tortillas with pickled vegetables and cilantro for an Asian-inspired taco. $9/15 oz.,

Chile Crunch
This smoky hot chile oil is studded with bits of crunchy garlic and onion chips. Drizzle it over grilled potatoes or chicken for an instant upgrade, but in all honesty, it’s good on almost everything. $9.95/9 oz.,

Small-Batch Worcestershire
This Milwaukee-made Worcestershire puts the common variety to shame. Made with an all-malt Wisconsin amber lager, this sauce from Colonel Pabst is blended with 21 all natural ingredients such as tamarind, ginger and Madras curry. The richness of this sauce could be a stand-alone ingredient in a beef marinade or you could drizzle it over grilled vegetables to give them a “meaty” allure. Also, it almost goes without saying, but add a few dashes to your Bloody Mary, too. $13.95/16 oz.,

This chef-inspired rub from Eric Ripert’s collection for La Boîte is similar to the classic Japanese spice blend, togarashi. The blend is a mix of toasted sesame seeds, soy sauce powder, red chile flakes and dried orange zest. The nutty, citrusy balance is incredible when rubbed on salmon or a whole fish like branzino before grilling. Char a few scallions and orange halves along with your fish for serving. $15/2.25 oz.,

Wine ‘Cue Sauce
This sweet and zesty BBQ sauce has deep flavors of dark fruit from the Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon. Try it brushed on smoky grilled ribs or whisk it with olive oil, lemon juice and honey for Food & Wine’s Green Salad with Smoky Barbecue Vinaigrette recipe. $6.99/19 oz.,