By Alina Gonzalez
Updated January 05, 2015
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We don't know about you, but we happen to be addicted to learning clever new hacks that make life easier. With fresh starts, streamlining, and organization chief on our minds thanks to the beginning of a new year, we rounded up seven of the smartest little hacks to create a simpler life in 2015. Keep reading to discover brilliant tricks that will make you wonder why you never thought of that.

1. Use Water-Filled Bottles Upside-down to Keep Plants Alive

To save money on having someone water your plants while on vacation, set them up with makeshift aqua globes from old glass bottles. When packed into the soil of the plant, the water will dispense slowly and keep your green friends hydrated. For the full tutorial and details on how it works, head here.

2. Use Magazine Holders To Store Food Storage Boxes

PHOTO: Inspired Life

You know how even in drawers, boxes of ziplock bags, tin foil, and plastic wrap invariably end up tumbling all over one another? The shape of a classic magazine holder is the perfect form for containing these boxes and keeping them organized. For additional ease, mount them to the inside wall of a cabinet. See the full tutorial here.

3. Hanger Turn-Around Hack

PHOTO: Ray and Jen

Perhaps our favorite of the bunch, this hanger switcheroo hack is a way to outsmart yourself when it comes to getting rid of things you don't wear. The concept is simple: turn all of your hangers the other way, and whenever you wear an item, put it back on the rod the normal way. In June, you'll know exactly which items have not seen the light of day in six months and therefore should probably be donated, consigned, or repurposed. More reading, here.

4. Hammer Magnet Hack

Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to hang things and not knowing where to keep your nails: This hack of hot-gluing a magnet to the bottom of your hammer for handy nail access is nothing short of genius and will save you a mouth injury. Check out more, here.

5. Bread Tag Cord Identifier

PHOTO: Out of Chaos

It's near comical how many times we go to unplug one thing only to realize we just shut off the cable, TV, router, and printer in our pursuit to get the right cord. It's essentially impossible to know which cord belongs to which device when you'v got multiple identical-looking ones plugged into one power protectoruntil now, with this simple bread tag labeling trick.

6. Magnetic Spice Rack Under Cabinet Hack

PHOTO: Decoreacao

This brilliant home hack is not only space saving, it will also prevent your spices from ending up in a jumbled hodge podge in a cabinet or drawer and make it way easier for you to reach for the flavor you need when cooking.

7. Laundry Detergent Decanter Hack

Make laundry detergent easier on the eyes, and easier to dispense, by decanting a pedestrian jug into an oversized drink container. Head here for more laundry room hacks.