By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 08, 2014

If we are to believe the Slovakian company AeroMobil, a flying car is finally in its final stages of development. The concept has gone from whimsical dream to prototype and is reportedly ready to be produced this month. The car’s lead designer Stefan Klein has been working on the car for 20 years and believes he has finally come out with what should actually be a street legal plane-car that he will debut at the Pioneers Festival in Austria on October 29.

The specs are impressive: AeroMobil says its machine can fly at an altitude of 6,000 feet and go 430 miles on one tank of gas. That gas, by the way can be acquired at a standard gas station. It can also drive the boring way 540 miles on a single tank, and fit into a standard street parking spot (thanks to retractable wings). Although if you can afford to buy a flying car, you’re doing valet. The price hasn’t been set yet, but Klein says he expects it to sell for “several hundred thousand euros.” But like any good technology, that price will come down eventually and maybe we’ll all be low-altitude pilots.

In anxious anticipation, here are seven things we’re excited about.

1. No more jobs lost to drone food delivery. Your delivery guy can fly that burrito to you in style.

2. You finally get to feel good about asking for flying lessons for your birthday all those years ago. Sure, all of your friends got Play Stations, but you were taking the long view.

3. Your live-action Inspector Gadget role-playing just got a whole lot more serious. You can say “go go gadget car” and actually have it mean something.

4. You can pick up Chicago-style pizza even if you live in New York. Or vice versa. We’re here to talk about flying cars, not weighing in on the pizza debate.

5. Teaching your kids to drive will be so much more exciting. Every lesson will be like living the end of Con Air.

6. No more airplane food. You don’t have to pretend to like those tiny bags of pretzels anymore because you’re afraid of making a flight attendant angry.

7. All of your lies about being in the mile-high club will suddenly seem considerably more plausible. There is something about doing it in the privacy of your own car that seems much more believable than the idea trying to fit into an airplane bathroom.