After 552 episodes, The Simpsons is longest running sitcom on TV and now you’ll be able to watch all 275 plus hours of the show whenever you want thanks to Simpsons World. The app, announced today and debuting in October, will be available on smartphones, iPad, Xbox, and smart TV’s and it will offer every episode of the show. Not only will you be able to watch the entire library, you’ll be able to search episodes by description or even by quote. If you have a burning to desire to know when “everything’s coming up Milhouse,” you won’t have to pour through episode synopses to find it (it’s season 10, episode 19 by the way). When the app finally hits the market we’ll probably disappear for a couple of weeks just to make sure we’ve seen it all. To hold you over, here's a look back at some of the great food that has come through Springfield over the last 25 seasons. Who wants to have a Duff with us?