7 Best and Weirdest Star Wars Items to Eat and Drink

Photo: Courtesy of Faith & Flower

Clearly, with today’s opening of The Force Awakens, we can’t get enough Star Wars. It’s even working its way into our weather reports (or at least England’s weather reports).

But Star Wars is not just for the fans, it’s also for the marketers (although, if you asked them, they’d probably confess to loving Star Wars too). Here are the best food and drink items we’ve seen come to Earth from a galaxy far, far away.

Ice Cream

New York’s Ample Hill’s actually became the official ice cream of The Force Awakens thanks to a serendipitous moment when Disney CEO Bob Iger tasted their wares last summer. The Light Side and Dark Side flavors are available to ship anywhere in the U.S. until February.


Los Angeles pastry chef Josh Graves used an old Hot Wheels version of the Millennium Falcon to make a mold for one of his many Star Wars-shaped chocolates available at downtown LA’s Faith & Flower.


YouTuber King of Random will teach you how to make an Han gummy to sneak into a December screening of the Force Awakens by melting down some boring old gummy bears in this useful tutorial.

Death Star Waffle Maker

Sunday Brunch not evil enough? Think Geek is here to help. This $40 waffle maker will make a waffle with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Bonus points if you can find the thermal exhaust port.

R2D2 Fridge

Do you need a moving robot fridge? You do not. Would your life be greatly enhanced by a moving robot fridge? Almost certainly. The R2D2 refrigerator from AQUA will only hold about a six pack, so if you plan on binge watching the first 6 movies you might need to invest in a BB-8 cooler as well.

Floating Yoda Cake

You probably did not know that when Yoda was living in a Dagobahn cave he took some pastry courses. There is no explanation for how the British woman behind this cake got it to float, but we’re guessing much training, she did.

Millenium Falcon Cake

The Yoda cake was good, but this ultra-intricate Millennium Falcon cake is better. We’ll spare the joke about eating it in less than 12 parsecs…because a parsec is a unit of length you guys. Come on, get with it.

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