By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 09, 2014
Credit: © Credit/ / Alamy

A Korean Air flight was delayed this week so that an attendant could be booted off for improper nut service. Executive-level passenger Heather Cho—who also happens to be the airline chairman's daughter—sent the plane back to the gate after becoming outraged that a flight attendant didn’t serve her macadamias on a plate, which is apparently the company standard for nut service. While #nutrage has a nice ring to it, Cho’s anger seems badly misplaced when there are so many other things to complain about on a flight. Here, six types of rage that can bubble up from airline practices way more annoying than having to open a bag of nuts yourself.

1. Recline Rage—When You Get Tricked Into Paying Extra for a Seat That Won’t Recline

Sure, sitting in an exit row sounded great. All that extra space, an opportunity to be a hero if the engine fails and the plane magically glides down to sea level to become a boat—they even make you pay more for it, so it must be good. But they didn't tell you that your seat won’t go back. More legroom is not worth having to lean forward the entire flight.

2. Bag Rage—When You Have to Check Your Carry-On Bag After Getting on the Plane

No, we would not like to gate-check our bag. We packed half of what we needed for this trip so it would fit in your overhead and walked all the way to the end of the jet bridge with it. We do not care that we are in Zone 5.

3. Video Rage—When You Have to Sit Through a Safety Video Made by People Who Are Trying Too Hard

OK, we get it: you’re a hip airline, and your safety video has hot people dancing and kids rapping about seatbelts. You aren’t making anyone less terrified that the plane could go down or more excited about the location of the emergency exits.

4. Sleep Rage—When Flight Attendants Wake You Up to Ask If They Can Get You Anything

My seatbelt was on and over my blanket. Would we like a ginger ale? Not sure, we were dreaming about not being on your cramped plane and hadn’t really thought about it.

5. Water Rage—When Your Water Bottles Seem to Have Been Shot With a Shrink Ray

The tiny bottles! Why the tiny bottles of water? They know you’re going to be asking for more water anyway. Why do they need to serve it to you four ounces at a time? You’re destroying the environment and our patience.

6. Snack Rage—When They Are Out of Your Snack of Choice

You clearly said at the outset we could have pretzels or cookies. Now you’re saying there are no more pretzels? It’s 9:45 a.m., and I wont be ready for cookies until 10:15!