Credit: © Antonis Achilleos

Juice cleanse—two of the most polarizing words in the English language. You either believe they are life-changing and make you a better person or they are pretty much the equivalent of having a stomach bug you’re in control of. But now that summer is here, everyone from your coworker to your grandma will be drinking weird-looking slime all day. So what is all the hype about it? You’ve heard about how it makes you feel clean and strong, but so does going on a run or contorting yourself during hot yoga. We talked to nutrition counselor Maria Marlowe about a few cleanse benefits you may have not known about that might even get some of you stomach bug folks to try one.

1. Thinking Clearly

“Many people find they think clearer, are more productive and feel more refreshed on less sleep when they are cleansing,” Guadagno said. “Also, their skin and eyes become noticeably clearer and brighter, thanks to the large amounts of phytonutrients in the juice."

2. Hunger Control

It’s not that your stomach is actually shrinking, but a cleanse does makes you feel less hungry after consuming less food (raw fruits and vegetables are more filling than a lot of food we typically eat). As a result, the cleanse reduces your need to comfort eat.

3. Increased Libido

Perhaps the most fun benefit is that your sex drive will increase! You are going to be feeling less bloated than usual because of the cleanse, so your sexual confidence goes up (no risk of any accidental gas emissions).

4. Fewer Aches and Pains

In addition to just cleaning out your digestive system, you may cure a lot of those common ailments that plague you on a daily basis. You will see relief from headaches, rashes, congestion, bloating, cramps and gas.

5. More Energy

According to Guadagno, most people are surprised to find they have more energy when they undergo a juice cleanse. The reason for this is that once you give your body a break from solid food, you free up a ton of energy that usually goes to near constant digestion.

6. You Will Be Hydration Central

The juices will keep you hydrated, and when you aren’t drinking them you will be chugging agua. Lauren Conrad wrote of her juice cleanse on her website, “I have never felt so hydrated! When I wasn’t drinking one of my juices, I was drinking a ton of water. I made a goal to finish a 1.5-liter bottle of water each day in order to feel full and flush out any extra toxins.” And all that water will give your skin a lovely glow!