By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 04, 2014
A sploshed cake.
| Credit: © Martha Burgess

If you haven’t heard of sploshing, that’s OK. It’s the act of putting food on another person and eating it off of them, generally for pleasure (thanks Urban Dictionary—this one hasn’t made it into Webster’s yet). Last month in Brooklyn, artist Martha Burgess put together an exhibit called “Cake Sit” in which people would splosh, sort of. The action at the exhibit consisted of bare butted people sitting on cakes. And if that sounds like kind of a weird thing to call art to you, welcome to the club. But Charlotte Druckman wrote a piece about her experience at “Cake Sit” for The Paris Review and her piece contains some fantastic descriptions. Here are the best ones.

It’s not a cake sit unless the cakes are in exactly the right order:

Some people really went all out to prepare for the day:

Some sploshers get nicknames:

Gross. Not much more to say than gross:

For some, it brought back memories long forgotten:

Perhaps the value is not in the sploshing but in the sploshed: