By Meredith Lepore
Updated November 25, 2015
© Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images

Thanksgiving, for so many of us, means eating an inordinate amount of food and then taking a three hour nap. However, it also means being around judgemental relatives who will comment on any extra weight you have gained. This year don’t want to give them any ammunition. Here are 6 ways to cover up your Thanksgiving food baby so you can have sweet Tryptophan dreams as you doze off during Home Alone.

1. Fancy sweatpants
Good news. The fashion Gods decided to take comfy sweatpants and call them chic. Now you can wear your big tummy pants to Thanksgiving dinner and not be called a slob by your Aunt Jane. Try this gorgeous sparkly pair from Lulus that are holiday festive and food bab- accommodating or this patterened pair from L​OFT.

2. Shift dress
Often used on television shows to hide an actress’s pregnancy opt for one with a distracting pattern. These V​era Wang shift dresses from Kohl’s​ are budget friendly. If you want to spend a bit more this Victoria, by Victoria Beckham dress will do the trick.

3. Shirt Dress
Dress up while dressing down with a shirt dress. Bring on the thrird serving of mashed potatoes.

4. Ponchos

They have made their comback into the fashion world at the perfect time: Thanksgiving. Ponchps will keep you nice and warm and still allow you to chow down on that pumpkin pie. Check out this fun one from T​he Limited.​

5. Overalls
If your family hosts a casual Thanksgiving then why not just go for the ultimate concealer: overalls. They are in fashion right now and perfect for eating more than your body weight.

6. Maxi Dress
Go full on Boho chic and stomach-friendly in a fun floral maxi dress.

Or you could just be like J​oey from Friends ​and wear a pair of maternity pants.​ Happy eating!