Skip the faux-velvet-covered box of chocolates and opt for one of these 6 super-stylish and deliciously crafted sweets.

By Julia Heffelfinger
Updated May 24, 2017
FINE & RAW Valentine's Day Chocolate
Credit: © FINE & RAW

It’s almost that time of year again, where everything is decorated pink and red, the level of PDA shoots through the roof, and very good restaurant menus are suspended for the dreaded V-Day prix fixe. If you really want to impress your Valentine, skip the Walgreens Teddy Bear and that faux-velvet-covered box of chocolates and opt for one of these 6 super-stylish and deliciously crafted sweets. Show your sweetheart that you really care (and that you know your food).

Almond Chunky Truffle Bar
This silky smooth, raw cacao bar from Brooklyn-based chocolatier Fine & Raw is blended with almond butter to yield a fudgy, nutty texture that is utterly addictive. Choose these chic candy bars over the dozen red roses. From $7,

Heart Gummies
Finally, a candy heart we can get behind. While they may not physically say “crazy 4 u,” we promise that Quin Candy’s chewy gummies, made with Oregon cherries, will convey the same sentiment. $6.50 for 8 good-size gummies,

Chocolate Bonbon Set
These delicate, hand-painted chocolates from the San Francisco company Nuubia are nothing like the assorted chocolate boxes to which we’re accustomed. All of the ingredients are sustainably grown and humanely sourced. There will be no funky, half-eaten chocolates left in this box; flavors range from pistachio to raspberry jasmine tea to hazelnut crispy. Also, if you live in the Bay Area, you can stop by the Nuubia store to pick up the luxury edition of these truffles—they all come nestled in a delicate (and edible!) dark chocolate heart box that is decorated with gold leaf. $30 for 9 bonbons,

Caramel Party Box
A chemist with a very good palate is the mastermind behind these simple, handcrafted caramels. Massachusetts-based company McCrea’s recently did a major brand redesign and now has lovely packaging to match its even-more-lovely caramels. While my favorite is the Black Lava Sea Salt Caramel, I highly suggest the Party Box so you can try them all (and who doesn’t love the idea of a “caramel party box”?). $54.95 for 80 caramels,

Love You Like XO
Indie food site Mouth has done all of the hard work for you this year by putting together this mind-blowingly-awesome V-Day gift set packed with Oregon-grown fruit gummies, dark chocolate, cookie sandwiches and even a set of gorgeous, award-winning raspberry rhubarb caramels. The set comes in two sizes: “XO” for the new, budding romance or “XOXO” for those of you who are in it for the long haul. (Plus, you know anything named after a Beyoncé song is gonna be good.) From $62,

Global Chocolate Subscription
If your sweetheart has an incurable sweet tooth, gift him or her a one-, three- or six-month subscription to these smartly curated, all-chocolate box sets from Chococurb. Each box contains 3 to 6 different chocolate bars sourced from all over the world, including the Milk Almond Crunch Bar from Portland, Oregon’s Alma chocolate, and the cardamom-laced chocolate bar from the husband and wife team behind Budapest-based company Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé. From $20,