By PureWow
Updated November 10, 2015
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Meet your new guru of gorgeousness: Her skin is perfect. Her lips are pouty. Her medicine cabinet is filled with lotions and potions that cost a small fortune and smell delicious. Speaking of smells, right now she needs her diaper changed.

Here, six baby products we wholly endorse using on yourself.

Aquaphor for Your Lips and Brows

You know it as the miracle goo that soothes any diaper rash and keeps your kid from going bonkers. But did you also know that Aquaphor doubles as a fantastically long-lasting lip balm? Or a brow gel for those days (OK, weeks) when when you’re too busy to get them shaped. Hooray for ointment!

Eear-Safe Q-Tips for Your Lower Lash Line

Too nervous to stick one of these in your sweet little baby’s sweet little ear? Let us reveal their true purpose: De-gunking your lower lashline because you passed out in your eye makeup. Again.


Saline Nasal Drops for Dried Mascara

Saline drops work wonders on baby’s congested nose, and the same goo-loosening principle applies to your old, dried-out mascara--just with a lot less squirming. Simply add a few drops to the tube, swirl it around and behold as the brush comes up good as new.


Baby Moisturizer for Your Grown-Up Skin

Not so into pthalates, petrochemicals, parabens and other icky additives? Use your baby’s body cream (we love Mustela) all over your body and hands, which you’re now washing a minimum of ten times an hour.

Baby Shampoo For Your Shrunken Sweaters

While we’ve been known to squirt a dollop of Johnson & Johnson in our own hair, we also love this product for giving new life to mistakenly shrunken sweaters. Just submerge the garment in a quart of water and teaspoon of baby shampoo, wait a couple minutes for the fibers to relax, then gently stretch that sweater back to its original size and shape.

Destin for Your Razor Burn

And yet again… we’re talking about diaper rash. Try Desitin on your itchy razor burn, dermatitis--even acne. It’ll quell redness and dryness quickly, arming you to get on with the important task of, you know, addressing diaper rash.