As a kid, I couldn't have imagined that there was such a thing as too much Easter candy. Now? I feel like every cupboard has a stash of leftover Peeps or a jar of still-uneaten jelly beans. I could just put the candy in bowls for a sugar-charged breakfast, but why not be a little more creative?

Easter Candy
Credit: © iStockphoto

Here, five tips for making good use of your leftover Easter candy:

1. Transform those chocolate bunnies into chocolate chips.

Almost all Easter chocolates, be they bunnies, chicks or plain chocolate eggs, can be transformed into chocolate chips. Chop the chocolate into roughly even chunks and use in place of chocolate chips in cookies or brownies. Fold them into a banana bread like this one, call it "Easter Bunny Bread," and watch it disappear.

2. Bake better brownies

Fold mini Cadbury Creme Eggs into your favorite brownie recipe (perhaps this one). Totally decadent, entirely delicious.

3. Make your ice cream magical.

No one will complain if you add chopped Cadbury Creme Eggs into softened ice cream, but what if you were to use a pound of chopped bittersweet bunnies—er, chips—to make magic shell? Best use of leftover candy EVER.

4. Build the ultimate PB&J.

When he arrived in America, my Irish-born husband honestly believed that our nation's most perfect sandwich was made with peanut butter and jelly beans. Something clearly got lost in translation, but he was onto something. Take a thick sliced of Pullman bread and top with a generous schmear of peanut butter, a handful of jelly beans and a sprinkle of flaky salt? Kind of wrong, kind of right.

5. Now what about all of those Peeps?

You can't really talk about Easter candy and not talk about this classic confection. As long as we are making irresponsibly sweet sandwiches, why not use slightly softened marshmallow chicks instead of marshmallow fluff for the ultimate fluffernutter sandwich? More dessert than lunch, but definitely delicious.