By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 09, 2015
© Apple

Tim Cook showed off everything the Apple Watch can do this afternoon. And yes, some of its features have a bit of a Big Brother element to them—the watch is programmed to tell you when to stand up and move at work if it thinks you’ve been sedentary too long—but some of them really do seem like conveniences we’d be happy to have in our life. Even after the presentation the jury is out on whether we want to pay $349 for an aluminum watch, $549 for a steel one or $17,000 for a gold one, but here are some of the food, drink and travel upgrades that look good.

1. Eating Out/Food Shopping

The Apple Pay system is integrated into the watch, which means you’ll be able to pay for, amongst many other things, dinners reserved via OpenTable, lattes at Starbucks and the $17 salad you just bought at Whole Foods. And yes, you can do this with your iPhone 6 now, but using the Watch should speed things up. And anything that hurries people through the Starbucks line is OK with us.

2. Cooking

Apple is currently touting two different watch-integrated recipe apps: Whole Pantry and Green Kitchen. In addition to putting step-by-step instructions on your wrist, which will cut down on scrolling up and down the recipes on your phone, both apps automatically set timers for whatever recipe you are cooking and alert you with a buzz on your wrist when it’s time to add something to a sauce or take something out of the oven.

3. Flying

Hopefully the Apple Watch will eliminate all those people awkwardly holding up their phones while waiting in the TSA line at the airport. Users can keep their boarding pass on their watch face and scan themselves in.

4. Finding Bars and Restaurants

If you’re traveling in a new city and want to find somewhere to grab dinner or a drink and you don’t want to ask for directions or walk the streets staring down at your screen, the Places Around app will point you towards local establishments. It will also direct you there via Apple Maps and send alerts when it’s time to make a turn en route, letting you look a little more like a local.

5. Hotels

Right now Apple is pushing a partnership with Starwood Hotels, but the Starwood Watch app makes sure you don’t have to fumble around for a key to your room any more. Just tap your watch next to the door and it will automatically unlock.