Credit: © IKEA

Growing your own fresh produce in a city can be a challenge, especially when you are confined to 400 square feet with no outdoor space. You can buy bulky, messy planters that leak everywhere, but those leave little to be desired. Having healthy, fresh veggies and herbs while maintaing the sleek esthetic of the rest of your home has become easier with these five beautiful ways to bring the outdoors in.

1. NIWA, starting at $279

Funded with Kickstarter, this hydroponic system comes in a cool container that’s perfect for growing herbs and small veggies. It uses sensors to create an ideal environment controlling temperature, humidity and watering. You can control it with an app with pre-programmed settings based on what you are growing. You can also track your plants' growth to ensure that they are healthy and happy.

2. Babylon - Three Light Cluster, $1,650

Create a stunning cascading garden with this cluster of three lights. Just remember to hang the lights at different lengths.

3. SOCKER, $19.99

You may not think of plants when you think of Ikea, but this tabletop greenhouse has changed our minds. With the easiest Ikea name to pronounce, the SOCKER is a steel-framed mini greenhouse with roof vents to help circulate air.

4. Sky Planter Ceramic, starting at $25

Hang your choice of herbs from these super sleep-upside-down planters. No more packed windowsills—just reach up and snip what you need. And if you are wondering how to water them and defy gravity, there is a reservoir within the planter that keeps the plants healthy.

5. Urban Cultivator, $2,500

This all-in-one indoor garden has grow lights, a watering system and fans to control temperatures and humidity. And it looks good, too—it resembles a wine fridge.