Watermelon-Tequila Cocktails
Credit: © John Kernick

John Kernick

  • Last night’s episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore was the first in the final season of the hit reality TV show. Here, the top five reasons the party’s over.
  • 1. Snooki and The Situation can’t drink Ron Ron Juice because she’s pregnant and he’s sober after a stint in rehab.
  • 2. Deena is newly svelte and barely resembles a meatball anymore (she and Snooki are nicknamed “The Meatballs”).
  • 3. Snooki moves out of the house because she's pregnant even though The Situation stocked the refrigerator with a heaving bag of her favorite food and frequent pregnancy-craving: thick dill pickles.
  • 4. Usually fuming with muscle-man drama, Ronnie seems bored as he yells at his girlfriend Sammi “Sweetheart” for not eating before going out clubbing.
  • 5. The Situation is now sentimental. He apologized for his bad behavior in past seasons by cooking an Italian "feast" similar to the ones he used to prepare for the cast in the first season.