By Estee Stanley
Updated March 27, 2015
Credit: © Estee Stanley

Estee Stanley is a celerated stylist and interior designer known for her effortless and eclectic style.

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Being an interior designer you learn way more than you may have bargained for and expected. This business is all about people, so you get to know what is out there pretty quickly. Here are the most imporatnt life lessons I have learned and am still learning to this day.

1. Personality counts for a lot. I like to work with people that are not only skilled and talented but are enjoyable to work with. When you have the opportunity to choose who you surround yourself, it’s essential that you choose wisely!

2. Don't take yourself or anything too seriously. If you don't laugh, you'll cry. Be professional but also take everything with a grain—or more like a bucket—of salt.

3. Being friendly and genuine toward people is incredibly valuable. Instead of getting mad, remember that building up good relationships with people is paramount to a successful business and peaceful life. Try to always the big picture, regardless of whether you may see or work with someone again.

4. Stress is one of the most irrational feelings but also the deadliest. I have learned to take time for myself away from stressful situations—especially when clients are demanding. You owe it to your sanity to take little escapes here and there.

5. Having conviction. Making style and design choices over the years, I have learned to stick to my instinct and design with confidence, instead of second-guessing myself. Staying true to yourself and your vision is the only way to make your business (or your relationships!) succeed in the long-term.