Lifestyle blogger Athena Calderone shares simple tips for a stylish hoiiday table.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated May 23, 2017

Athena Calderone beautifully documents the intersection of food, fashion and design on her lifestyle site EyeSwoon. The site started as a way for Calderone to document the redesign of her Amagansett, New York, home. As more people asked her for design advice and sources, it became a way to share her knowledge with others. It has now grown into a destination for recipes and entertaining advice as well. Here, she shares ideas for a stylish holiday table.

1. Incorporate something from nature.
Calderone added small bunches of greens and thistle to each place setting.

2. Embrace imperfection.
"I don't like structured centerpieces. I prefer drapey greens and tarnished candlesticks, which feel undone but still elevated."

3. Give guests something to talk about.
Calderone prints affirmations and fortunes on small slips of paper, which she rolls and ties with a bow. Guests select them from a bowl on the table and read them out loud for meaningful conversation starters.

4. Know your place.
Instead of seating cards, Calderone painted acacia wood spreaders with chalkboard paint and wrote guests' names on them.

5. Mix it up.
"I have my mom’s Royal M-Mita Seville china, which I love to incorporate with modern pieces from my collections. Her china tells a story."